Welcome to Diamond Class, a sparkly place for EVERYONE! A pole new sparkly YOU with Hobart’s Pole dance and Fitness experts since 2007…

Casual Classes – Casual class memberships can be started at any time and can run across terms so no need to wait at all to get started with our fun and diverse casuals!

Term level courses – Our super popular , unique and progressive term level course memberships can be joined at any time for your convenience – do not have to be started beginning of a term! 
Our best offer ‘Ongoing Diamond Memberships’  give you 1 x term level course class p/w to schedule (+ other benefits) and cross between terms (work on an 8 wk schedule from when you start for renewal of classes/benefits) – if you are missing a week/s of your level course,  you can schedule yourself into an alternate level course class/es of the same or lower level or request a ‘practice session’ for the class/es you are missing to use within your membership period. 

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2024 Term dates:

  • Term #1 –  8th Jan – 3rd March (8 wk term)
  • Term #2  –  4th March – 28th April (8 wk term)
  • Term #3 –  29th April – 30th June (9 wk term)
  • Term #4 –  1st July  –  25th August (8 wk term)
  • Term #5 – 26th Aug – 20th October (8 wk term)
  • Term #6 – 21st Oct – 22nd Dec (9 wk term)
  • Holidays (Studio closed 23rd Dec – 5th January – all memberships automatically on hold to resume where left off on 6th January 2025e



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