Terms & Conditions

Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio – Terms & Conditions and Class Cancellation Policy 

As a student you acknowledge you have read and understood the following Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound to them.

You can find our Terms and conditions on our website at any time www.dcpolefitness.com.au 


1. Student Registration Form and health information

All students are required to register as a student member and provide some personal details in order to make an account on the studio’s Gymmaster online student software portal  including any health  information relevant  in relation to exercise.

1.1 Medical conditions 

It is your responsibility to inform us when signing up of any medical conditions that could affect your ability to exercise.   All information you provide will be kept private/confidential from the public and only viewable by relevant staff/ instructors.

Please note that If you suffer from a chronic illness, disease, are pregnant  or  have a disability you will be required to provide a written and signed letter from a healthcare professional stating you are fit for the physical activity you are undertaking at Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio before being able to participate.If any health condition arises after providing us with the initial information, you are required to let your instructor and/or staff member at reception and will likely need to  provide a health care professionals clearance letter to clear you to participate in classes.


2. Memberships 

Ongoing Diamond memberships



2.1 Your responsibilities

By signing your Membership Agreement, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Direct Debit Service Agreement. You must ensure you are aware of and understand these terms and conditions.

2.2 Commencement of Membership

Your membership commences on the date specified as the Commencement Date on your Membership Agreement.

2.2 Minimum Term

You are committed to your membership for 8 weeks ( 4 x fortnightly payments) from the commencement date.

2.4 Your Payments

Your first payment is due on the day you sign your Membership Agreement. Your first payment is not refundable, even if you cancel your memberships during the cooling off period.

Our online merchant will direct debit your membership fees from your nominated financial institution fortnightly from the date of your membership commencement as set out in your membership agreement. This means you will always be paid up 2 weeks in advance.

2.5 Cooling off Period

You have 48 hours from the commencement of your Membership Agreement to cancel your membership by writing to us – email reception@dcpolefitness.com.au

2.6 Change of Membership (Changes of membership/s are self managed through your Gymmaster portal)

  • 2.61 Downgrading

You can downgrade to a lower membership after your initial 8 week term of your Membership Agreement with at least 14 days notice. 

  • 2.62 Upgrading

You can upgrade to a higher membership at any time by writing to us  – email reception@dcpolefitness.com.au 

  • 2.63 Initial 8 week Membership Term

With any membership change, your initial 8 wk membership term will recommence from the new commencement date.

2.7 Deactivations – Suspensions – Freezing/Holds (Changes of membership/s are self managed through your Gymmaster portal)

  • 2.71 Deactivation of membership

If your fees are in arrears more than 14 days, your membership will be suspended and you will be unable to attend classes until you have paid your fees up to date. Your account will also have a late failed payment fee debited by our online merchant provider as per your Membership Agreement.

  • 2.72 Suspension of membership (Christmas holiday period)

During the Christmas/New Year Period your payments will automatically be suspended/put on hold whilst the studio is closed over this break and resume once the studio comes back with classes from break in the New Year.

  • 2.73 Freezing/Putting Hold on your membership

You can freeze your memberships for a maximum of 6 weeks per calendar year total. You can activate your hold period by giving at least 14 days or more prior notice.

Minimum freeze/hold time is a 2 week period

If you freeze/hold your membership within your initial 8 weeks minimum membership term. The freeze/hold time will not count toward your initial 8 weeks minimum membership term.

You cannot apply a  freeze/hold to your membership if you have any late payment/overdue fees or owe us money.

We will not back date your freeze/hold on your membership so please ensure to write to us via email to request at least the minimum 14 days notice. Email reception@dcpolefitness.com.au 

Illness – If you hold an active ‘Ongoing Membership’ and can provide a medical professional certificate proving that any participation in any type of class will cause you physical harm or injury, we can place a hold for a minimum 2 weeks period on your membership waving the 14 days notice in this circumstance. This hold period will come off your annual 6 weeks hold period available.  We cannot back-date a hold so please provide your medical professional certificate as soon as possible  and the hold will be placed from the day after this is received. Email certificate to reception@dcpolefitness.com.au

2.8 Late Payments

You will be charged a dishonor fee by our online merchant if your payments fail for any reason.

We will continue to debit your nominated account without notice until we have recovered the total amount outstanding. 

2.9 Cancellation Policy

  • 2.91 During your minimum term

If you are injured or ill and want to cancel your membership, you must provide the studio with a medical certificate via email to email reception@dcpolefitness.com.au . Once we have received your medical certificate we will place a freeze/hold on your membership for a full studio term. At the end of the studio term you must them provide a further medical certificate and if your medical professional certifies you are unable to continue after this time we will cancel your membership.

  • 2.92 After your minimum term

To cancel your membership after your initial minimum term, you must write to us providing 14 days minimum notice of your intention to cancel your membership email reception@dcpolefitness.com.au .  Depending when you send notification you may have one final fortnightly fee to pay prior to cancellation of your membership.

  • 2.93 Canceling your membership by us

If you do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, your Membership Agreement, our Policies including Studio Rules (on wall in each studio room)  and or the Direct Debit Service Agreement, we may cancel your membership and you cannot make a claim against us.

3. Prepaid Classes

3.1 Prepaid Packs

3.11 – Non Member (do not hold an ‘Ongoing Diamond Membership) 

3.12 – Current Member ( with current ‘Ongoing Diamond Membership) discounted

3.2 Extension of ‘Prepaid Pack’ (Illness)

If you hold an active ‘Prepaid Pack’ and can provide a medical professional certificate proving that any participation in any type of class will cause you physical harm or injury, we can extend the expiry of your ‘Prepaid Pack’ for the duration your medical professional states you are unable to participate. Extensions can not be offered if we are notified after expiry has already passed.

3.3 Canceling a class

8 hours minimum notice is required prior to cancel a class.  If you cancel with more than the required 8 hours notice, you don’t lose the class unless your ‘Prepaid Pack’ has expired. If you cancel within the 8 hours you will lose the class and we are unable to retrieve it for you under any circumstance.

3.4 Refunds

If you purchase a ‘Prepaid Pack’, we will only provide a refund, or part refund if you provide a medical professionals certificate proving that you are unable to attend ongoingly and that any participation in any class will cause you harm or injury. 

Please note you must provide us with the medical professionals certificate and your notice in writing via email to reception@dcpolefitness.com.au prior to your ‘Prepaid Pack’ expiry date. We will not provide any refund if contacted after expiry. We will only refund the fee where the law requires us.

4. Managing your class bookings

4.1 Scheduling/booking classes is your responsibility

It is your responsibility to schedule/book your classes via your ‘Gymmaster’ app, signing into your Gymmaster account online or at reception in advance to avoid disappointment. The system is designed so you are in control.

4.2 How to schedule/book your classes

  1. MOBILE: (RECOMMENDED) Log into your Gymmaster app on your smart device (first download the ‘Gymmaster app’) on your Android or Iphone or tablet – go to the schedule and click on your class, follow the promts.

  2. ONLINE: Log into your Gymmaster account and follow the prompts via this link https://dcpolefitness.gymmasteronline.com/portal/login  or by logging onto our website www.dcpolefitness.com.au and clicking on ‘Sign up’ .

  3. RECEPTION: Contact reception via email with your full name, date and time of class/es either in person, via email  reception@dcpolefitness.com.au or by calling during open hours 0439481959 

4.3 Schedule/Book Term Level Course

4.31 Correct membership 

Make sure you have ‘Level Course Classes’ to use by purchasing the relevant ‘Ongoing Membership’ or ‘Prepaid Pack’ that includes ‘Level Course Classes’.

‘Casual Classes’ are valid for different style classes (see below) and cannot be used to schedule into ‘Level Course Classes’.

4.32 How ‘Level Course Classes’ are designed to attend

‘Level Course Classes’ are the most popular and skill progressive way to learn pole dance via our unique Diamond progressive curriculum with the same class group and instructor including a fun week by week routine designed to attend same class each week of the studio term for the best value, however you can join at any time + schedule into an alternate same or lower level if unable to use one or more classes on the regular time slot.

 4.33 The levels

Our ‘Level Course Classes’ are our progressive level courses consisting of our unique and regularly upgraded and unique Diamond Curriculum. Our levels are as follows.

  • Beginner static 

  • Beginner Spin

  • intermediate Prep static 

  • Intermediate Prep spin  

  • intermediate level 1 static

  • Intermediate level 1 spin

  • intermediate level 2 static

  • Intermediate level 2 spin

  • intermediate level 3 static

  • Intermediate level 3 spin

  • Advanced Prep static

  • Advanced Prep spin

  • Advanced Max

4.34 Level progression

Passing the graded moves in a level is required/a prerequisite to move into the next level up. Students spend as many terms necessary to feel and be competent enough at a level before moving to the next. This varies student to student and some spend 1 term in each and others multiple terms to gain not only the strength, but also the co-ordination, stamina, confidence and flexibility necessary for the level. 

If a student is extremely close (one move away) to competency, an instructor may at their discretion move the student up a level providing the student comes to extra classes to sign off on the graded move in previous level. 

Students will only be held back if wanting to progress up a level if they aren’t competent yet enough to perform the moves necessary in their current level which would mean it is unsafe and that they would be unable and get discouraged attempting next level moves – we want our students to move up if that is their goal.

Please note: Some bodies will take longer with different elements of gaining moves and faster in others. Generally the more classes you attend, the more opportunity for your body/mind to  adapt and progress. Progress won’t always be forward as sometimes life happens and gets in the way of attending classes or as many classes to maintain the level of ability. The higher the level, the more common it is for students to move back and forth between levels, however even if enrolled in a level previously gained, you are still progressing, learning a new routine, able to more focus on repping the moves and training your off side for example. 

4.4 Schedule/Book Casual Classes

4.41 Correct membership

Make sure you have ‘Casual Classes’ to use by purchasing the relevant ‘Ongoing Membership’ or ‘Prepaid Pack’ that includes ‘Casual Classes’.

‘Level Course’Classes’   are valid for different style classes (see above) and cannot be used to schedule into ‘Casual Classes’

4.42 How ‘Casual Classes’ are designed to attend

‘Casual Classes’ are a range of skill specific classes, some are pole, some are non pole, dance, pole tricks, flexibility, strength, acro, spin/static pole sexy/non sexy style etc that are designed to attend as you like casually – all beginner/all level friendly 

4.43 The Casual Classes


The Casual Classes focus on specific areas of interest and skills including the following…


  • Pole Tricks 

  • Pole Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Spin Pole Routine

  • Non pole different style Dance 

  • Non pole floor dance

  • Acrobatics incl handstands

  • Sexy and non sexy styles

  • Heels classes


To see ‘Casual’ classes available currently please see ‘schedule’ on Gymmaster.

5. Practice Sessions

Practice sessions are non-instructed sessions to practice routines and moves you have learnt in class and/or to put together your own routines.

These can be purchased as an add on under ‘purchase memberships’ on your Gymmaster account portal or through reception and are also included as bonuses with the ‘Ongoing Diamond Memberships’

5.1 Warming up and cooling down

If doing a practice session, you are welcome at the start of the session to join the class in the alternate room to warm up with the instructor.  If you don’t do this it is your responsibility to perform a 10 min warm up using what you have learnt from classes.

A few min from the end of your session it is your responsibility to cool down and stretch as have learnt from attending classes. 

5.2 Practice Session rules

Please note: Studio rules apply as seen on the wall in each studio room including ‘Students are not permitted to teach students’ and ‘Students not to attempt moves they have not been taught by an Instructor and can perform over and over safely first’. Any student found to be breaking these rules will not be able to continue attending ‘Practice Sessions’. 

5.3 Terms and Conditions as per  ‘Prepaid Packs’ 

Please see point 3.2 , 3.3, and 3.4 under ‘Prepaid Packs’ above for Terms and Conditions shared with Practice Sessions.

6. Diamonds of Polesque Ongoing membership

6.1 Available as an add on membership for ‘Ongoing Diamond Members’

Membership available to any ongoing loyal Diamond student member (who is signed up to an ‘Ongoing Diamond Membership) who would like to progress their poling to stage by creating their very own solo routines.

Learn how to make your own sparkly routine and receive the help available to create it from start to sparkly finish! Perfect for those wanting to create and receive all the help with competition routines also. 

6.2 Consists of

Consists of 2 hours per week training at the same time each week – mini workshops with different aspects of performance – perform on stage poles as you get help building your solo, building stage confidence and experience,  with professional coaching in a friendly manner with a stage experienced instructor helping from concept to creation. 

6.3 Specific Terms and Conditions 

All Terms and Conditions for this add on membership are the same as for ‘Ongoing Diamond Membership’ – please see all points under ‘Ongoing Diamond Membership’ #2 above.

6.4 Diamonds of Polesque 2 hour session Prepaid Pack

For non ‘Ongoing Diamond Members’, those keen to try out a ‘Diamonds of Polesque training session’ or if prefer to pay pre paid p/session.

– Valid for 4 months from purchase

– Minimum 8 hours cancellation or forfeit class. 

All other Terms and Conditions for this ‘Prepaid Pack’ are as per our ‘Prepaid Packs’ above in point #3.

7. Studio 8 week Terms

The studio operates on an 8 week term by term basis with 6 terms every calendar year.  Each term has a theme that routines follow either with style/music/story etc

Please note: All ‘Ongoing Diamond Memberships’ start from the purchase/agreement signing date and depending on when you sign up, will cross between terms – this means your membership benefits (classes) expire 8 wks from your sign up agreement date and every 8 wks ongoing and not affected by ‘studio term’ end/start.  ‘Prepaid Packs’ are also not affected by the ‘studio term’ end/start and begin from date of purchase with a 4 month expiry, depending on when your purchase can also cross between terms.

7.1 Studio breaks and Public Holidays

There is one week mid year where there is a break with ‘Term Level Course’ classes and only ‘Casual’ classes running (Ongoing Diamond Memberships and Prepaid Packs are still active during this period)

The studio is open all Public Holidays as per our schedule/timetable.

The studio closes for a few weeks over the Christmas/New Year break (all ‘Ongoing Memberships’ are suspended without fees due during this period and resume when classes resume) 

7.2 Static/Spin Pole Term Level Courses

The 8 wk studio terms alternate with one terms ‘Term Level Courses’ covering ‘spinning pole’ content & routines and the following  term covering ‘static pole’ content and routines alternating each studio term.

8. Student Performance Opportunities

8.1 Studio Student Showcases

There are 3 x student showcases p/year at the end of every second studio term.  It is completely optional for students that have learnt routines in any of our classes to perform with their class or not. We encourage all to attend even if not performing and as these showcases are not open to the public, the students who aren’t performing make up the audience

All attending will be required to sign up with the ‘free attendance’ membership that includes an image release to sign as student showcases are photographed and video’d to upload on Youtube and social media etc

8.2 Studio in-house Competitions

There are 2 x student in-house competitions per calendar year which are completely optional for regular students to enter. 

  • 1 – Shining Diamonds – our ‘any style’ goes pole competition

  • 2 – Sparkle & Slay – High heels wearing competition which typically lends itself to a sexier style, although still open to students’ creativity.

When students sign up to compete they will be required to read, understand and agree to the specific competition Terms and Conditions which include an image release to sign as the competitions are photographed and video’d for use on Youtube and Social Media etc

The public can purchase tickets to our in-house student competitions

9. Special Bookings 

9.1 Workshops

Special Workshops are offered regularly at the studio including Burlesque, Chair Dance, Pole Dance and more.

9.2 Private Classes – Students, visitors, School Groups etc

Private classes can be booked by contacting the studio to check instructor availability and book  a date/time. 

9.21 – Length and Pricing 

  • 1 hour – (1 – 3 people) =  $90

  • 1.5 – ( 1 – 3 people) =  $120

  • 5 x 1 hr pack (1 person offer) = $360

  • 1 hour  – (group 4 + people)   

School Groups – may qualify for a discount – please email studio to negotiate reception@dcpolefitness.com.au 

  • Below 5 people – Flat rate $150

  • 6 – 10 people – $25 each

  • 11+ people – $20 each

9.22 – What you can learn in private sessions

You can choose what you would like to learn in your ‘Private Class’ and can include.. 

  • Spin or Static Pole – any style  routine, choreography, tricks, combos, strength training, flexibility, polishing etc –   for all levels from newbies to most advanced.

  • Routine Coaching (every part of your routine from concept to finish, polishing, building stage confidence etc perfect for competitors)

  • Acro – Acrobatics with the pole or floor including handstand/shoulder/head stand training + more

  • Personal Strength Training – have your own Pole and/or functional training program set up and/or be taken through sessions – all levels and great for school groups. Pole and non- pole.

  • Flexibility – have your own program set up for you and or be taken through sessions for all over or specific flexibility training such as for splits.

  • Chair Dance –  choreo, chair acro moves.

  • Burlesque – Sexy confidence, peel and play, burlesque chair dance, choreography etc

  • Dance –  any style including Jazz, contemporary etc

9.23 Pay Terms

  • Full payment is due when signing up to workshops 

  • $150 minimum non refundable deposit is due up front to book a group with balance and numbers to be confirmed via email reception@dcpolefitness.com.au minimum 1 wk prior.

9.24 Cancellation

Minimum 48 hrs notice prior to cancel or full fee forfeited. If minimum notice given the fee will be applied as a credit to use in future 

9.25 Refunds

We will only provide a refund, or part refund if you provide a medical professionals certificate proving that you are/were unable to attend the workshop/private, unable to attend at a future date and that any participation in any class will cause you harm or injury. 

Please note you must provide us with the medical professionals certificate and your notice in writing via email to reception@dcpolefitness.com.au prior to/or  maximum 48 hours after a booked party date. We will not provide any refund if contacted after.  We will only refund the fee where the law requires us

9.3 Parties – Hens/Birthday/Corporate/Other

can be booked by contacting the studio to check instructor availability and book a date/time. Parties are 1.5 hours in length and consist of 

  • 1 – 2 x workshops (Usually Burlesque to warm up and then a mini Beginner pole routine – unless requested other)

  • Games/prizes

  • Bonus instructor performance

9.31 Pricing

  • Below 10 – $350 flat rate

  • 10 – 20  – $35 p/head

  • Over 20 – $30 p/head

  • Just watching – $15 p/head

9.32 10 min sign up on arrival

All guests will be asked to fill in and sign a  student registration form on arrival prior to participating in any activities. A copy can be emailed prior to the party to the organiser if they request.

9.33 Booking Deposit pay terms

A $150 non refundable party booking deposit must be paid in full to hold and book the date/time.

9.34 Balance pay terms

A minimum of 1 week prior to the party the numbers need to be confirmed by contacting the studio via email reception@dcpolefitness.com.au and balance paid (total – booking deposit).

9.35 Party extras

Add on time for getting ready, byo party food/drinks, entertainment can be negotiated and confirmed during booking and is the responsibility of the person making the party booking. Extra costs are involved and must be paid in full at least 1 week prior to party.

9.36 Alcohol 

Alcohol can only be brought into the studio by parties if previously arranged during booking and only  consumed during any after room party hire booked. Anyone affected by alcohol or drugs during the party will be asked to sit out and cannot participate in any classes without refund of any fees. Alcohol cannot be consumed during any classes. Poles/equipment are out of bounds after the class part of the party and during any after party room hire where alcohol is consumed. 

9.37 Change of numbers

No refund is provided after numbers are confirmed/balance paid. If any extras attend on the day, it is the responsibility of the person who booked to make payment for each prior to commencement. 

9.38 Cancellation

1 week minimum cancellation or forfeit full fee

9.39 Refunds

We will only provide a refund, or part refund if you provide a medical professionals certificate proving that you are/were unable to attend the party, unable to attend at a future date and that any participation in any class will cause you harm or injury. 

Please note you must provide us with the medical professionals certificate and your notice in writing via email to reception@dcpolefitness.com.au prior to/or  maximum 48 hours after a booked party date. We will not provide any refund if contacted after.  We will only refund the fee where the law requires us

10. Who can attend Classes

10.1 Age 

  • 12y/o + can attend any of our timetabled classes but under 16 years of age will require parental consent to attend. Parents are invited to attend initial class only – For all our timetable classes and courses we have a 12 years old + attendance policy. If a student is between 12 and 16 years old, we do invite one only of a parent/guardian to attend the very first initial class to make sure they are happy with their child’s continued attendance at Diamond Class. 

This is the only time we can have a parent/guardian attend to watch a class. Other than the initial class we do not allow anyone to come and watch as it can make students uncomfortable. Parents/guardians are welcome to wait in our reception area during classes if they wish.

  • Under 12 y/o can attend private sessions with parent/guardian

  • Any age can attend any classes providing they are medically able/have not been informed by a  medical professional to be unsafe to exercise/attend.

10.2 Body /Physicality/Ability

Any shape, size, ability can attend classes as long as they are medically/physically able + have not been informed by a medical professional or have prior knowledge it would be unsafe to exercise/attend classes.

10.3 Gender

Any and all genders can attend classes without bias – Diamond Class is an all inclusive respectful space.

11. Studio Rules

11.1 – Studio Rules –  Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio is proud to be known as a super positive, professional, drama free amazing community of Pole Dancers. We have some solid rules in place that keep it this way and we reserve the right to give warning to and/or to ban anyone that breaks our studio rules and negatively affects the business and people within it. It’s super easy to follow the rules, but in order to know the studio rules, you need to know what they are first. By signing up/attending Diamond Class you acknowledge and accept these rules.

11.2 Phones –  No phone calls/texting/social media in class – this is super distracting and may have you and/or others miss safety and other instructions. Please pop your phones on silent too as to not interrupt class.

11.3 Video – No videoing without permission: Classes/Instruction not to be videoed please. These are Diamond Class property. Your instructor may give you permission to video moves/choreo without instruction for your personal use. Please be very aware of fellow students and private conversations in the background – please put stickers over faces if you haven’t gained permission from people who appear and mute if permission not granted from those seen/heard.

11.4  Food and Drink –  No food permitted in the studio rooms during classes please and only cold drinks. No hot or smelly food in reception/entire studio  please for the comfort of everyone.

11.5  Students don’t teach students –  no teaching fellow students or teaching to outsiders: This is a BIG no no and very dangerous too! Diamond Class instructors go through intensive accredited Diamond Class instructor training which is very different to learning as a student. Just because you can perform a move, doesn’t mean it qualifies you to be able to teach it correctly or safely in all the different ways specific students need. 

As much as you may want to help someone, please refrain from trying to teach them as you will become a liability in class and you certainly don’t want to be responsible for someone injuring themselves! Teaching or on-teaching in the Hobart area within a 2 hour radius is also not tolerated as a student at Diamond Class. Please bring anyone that is wanting to learn to Diamond Class and increase our sparkly community as well as making sure they are learning safely from our qualified instructors.

11.6  Listen and pay attention to your instructor – Please listen to and follow your instructor’s instructions always. This is for your safety and progression as well as others.

11.7  Don’t attempt moves you haven’t been taught – This is very unsafe! You might see a move that appears easy and at your level but it may well be very dangerous, without you realising, to attempt without professional instruction. This is why you are doing classes at Diamond Class after all! We know you will be excited to learn new things and that’s what we are here for so please ask your instructor and get the proper instruction first. Pole Tricks Casual class is the class to ask your instructor to teach you new things not taught in your level or private lessons.

11.8  Zero drugs & alcohol tolerance – Please leave the partying till after class! Drugs and alcohol on the premises will not be tolerated nor will it be if you turn up to class affected. You will be asked to sit out of class or asked to leave for your own safety. Please don’t become a liability to your instructor and who wants to be affected by drugs/alcohol while poling anyhow.. it reduces your response, coordination and strength ability as does being hungover. Anyone found dealing or giving out illegal substances at the studio will be instantly permanently banned without refund. This includes providing others with personal prescription drugs.

11.9  Drama free! –  Includes rudeness, tantrums, bullying or being negatively disruptive. Obviously theft and/or damage to property is also not tolerated. This behavior may result in being removed from the studio and/or banned permanently. Nobody wants this behavior!

11.10 Children  – Unfortunately we do not have child minding services and it is unsafe to have children in classes that are not attending as a student and following instruction. Our reception persons are 100% not responsible for any minor that may be left behind in reception and it is 100% possible that a stranger may lead a minor out of reception or a minor may take themselves out of the building without any staff members knowledge or responsibility. We ask that you do not leave minors in reception as we cannot mind them and will not and cannot be responsible for them.

11.11 Have fun! – This is the biggest rule :p Although all the above is quite serious, we don’t expect anyone to break the rules, although we still must set them. For the continued happiness, positivity and fun for everyone at Diamond Class we enforce these rules.

12. Intellectual and individuals property

12.1 Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio Property – Intellectual property

Diamond Class Pole & Fitness Studio owns intellectual property linked directly or indirectly to its registered brand. The works of authorship contained and produced at this studio, including but not limited to all choreography, design, costuming and images, are owned, except as otherwise expressly stated, by Diamond Class Pole & Fitness Studio. 

12.12 Your agreement as a student

As a student at Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio, you acknowledge and agree that this content is proprietary and belongs exclusively to the Diamond Class Pole & Fitness Studio. 

All other featured brands and logos are service/trademarks of their respective owners. 

These materials are protected by intellectual property and other laws. You agree not to modify, copy, create derivative works of or to otherwise permit any party to, attempt to appropriate the Company’s intellectual property rights.and may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, displayed, performed, taught, rented, sub licensed altered, stored for subsequent use or otherwise used in whole or in part in any manner without the prior written consent of Diamond Class Pole & Fitness Studio.  

12.2 Individuals property

Your personal property remains 100% your responsibility. Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio does not take any responsibility for your personal belongings before, during or after classes, even if left behind. This includes loss, damage, theft. There are cubby holes in studio rooms to keep your belongings within site.


It is the responsibility of each individual student to keep their belongings and studio equipment off the floor and in designated areas so as to not cause tripping hazards.

13. Unexpected forced studio closure

13.1  Forced closure pandemic or other situation out of our control – In any event that Diamond Class is forced to close for a period of time, all memberships/bookings will be paused until the studio is able to re-open and resume classes at which time all memberships will continue and be honored onward from the time or re-open.  No refunds/extra extensions available.  

13.2 Lockdown – stuck in border closure – The studio will pause your membership/s if you supply reception ‘proof or forced lockdown/Isolation or being stuck due to border closure for that period of time  – As soon as the forced lockdown/isolation period ends or borders re- open, your membership will resume from that date. No refunds/extra extensions available. 

14. Studio Surveillance

By reading and signing up at Diamond Class for any/all activities you acknowledge and understand  that there are surveillance cameras in all common areas of the studio, including the reception, the studio room floors and in the studio halway, driveway spaces.

15. Changes of Terms and Conditions

15.1 Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions + Cancellation Policy at any time and will post an updated version of this policy on the website www.dcpolefitness.com.au

A sparkly agreement between Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio and YOU the student.  

15.2 By signing up as a student at Diamond Class, you acknowledge and agree to abide by and accept  the above  terms/conditions