Q- How do I get started & do I have to wait till next term?

A = Great news! You can get started any time 🙂 There are 8 weeks to each of our terms and you can join an 8 wk Level course up till as late as the 4th wk of term and we will give you up to 3 x catch up casual ‘Pole Tricks’ classes (one for each class you have missed to catch you up)  CLICK HERE to purchase your course online OR contact us at reception E:reception@dcpolefitness.com.au or call 0439481959 or pop in and see us during reception hours Mon – Thurs 5.30pm – 8.30pm or Sat 12 – 3pm.

We also run loads of casual classes that can be joined at any time, any week, any session and you can purchase casual class passes online by clicking HERE OR  just turn up 10 min prior to the first casual class of your choice and book at reception! I

Q- What if it’s wk #5 of term or later?

A =  It’s a bit late to join our level courses however you can get started with any of our amazing casual classes! We recommend getting started by taking advantage of our Introductory 2 week Unlimited Casual class pass for only $59 to give all the different classes a try (we have 10 + casual classes a week you can try so this introductory pass for brand new students is an absolute steal of an offer)  CLICK HERE to purchase your casual passes online OR just turn up 10 min prior to the first casual class of your choice and book at reception! I

Q- Can I try it first?

A = Certainly! We have a bunch of awesome casual classes you can do as a beginner/any level but the one we highly recommend to try first is our ‘Pole Tricks’ or ‘Polesque’ classes. We are super confident that you will love it and book a course anyhow 😉 Just don’t leave it too late to get into your preferred course as they can fill quickly!

Q – Do I have to get strong first  

A = Definitely not!! Most our students can’t hold their own body weight when they start with us – we teach you how to gain more strength gradually and safely and we start from scratch with just walking around the pole, so if you can walk… you can start 😉

Q – Am I too big?  

A = Are you over 100Kg?  If so you will be over the weight limit for some of our poles due to recommended limit by the manufacturer BUT  the majority of our poles are competition grade and will support any weight!  We can get you started with our non-pole classes. We have students that have lost half their body weight or more doing regular classes with us, but you are not too big to start and we have students of all shapes and sizes!

Q – Do you have age restrictions?

A = We teach from 12 yrs and up!  We have students up to in their 70’s.  You are never too old to start and pole dance keeps your body and mind healthy and happy so most pole dancers do not look their age 😉 UNDER 12 YRS – We can do private sessions for children currently,  but are looking at doing regular child classes in future.

Q – Do I need any dance or fitness experience?

A = No, we teach you everything from scratch even if you are super uncoordinated and super unfit 🙂 Absolutely no experience necessary!

Q- I’m seriously un-coordinated though will I pick it up?

A = It’s not a problem in the slightest! In face, some of our highest level pole students started off not knowing Left from Right and tripping over their feet.  We have many techniques to instruct students and everyone learns differently.  We take you through as slow as you need and as long as you don’t give up we won’t give up on you 🙂 

Q – Do I have to perform or compete? What if I just want to do classes and do I have to be graded on moves?

A = You most certainly never have to perform or compete or be graded on moves if you don’t want to!  The only reason to be graded on moves is if you want to pass a level, otherwise you can keep doing the level you are in without being graded.  Although we may encourage students to perform at showcases, you certainly don’t have to but it would be amazing if you came along to support your fellow class mates, however this isn’t compulsory either 🙂 

Q – Do I have to wear tiny shorts? What do I wear?

A = No you don’t 🙂 You just need to wear what you can move freely in, but skin sticks to the pole so you need to be able to roll up and expose to mid thigh to stick.  Shorts can be easier but whatever you can bare your legs to mid thigh will work.  We also go bare feet and most students wear gym clothes.

Q – I have a health condition/injury, will I be able to attend classes?  

A= If you have an injury/health condition that may affect your ability and safety you will just need to check with your Doctor/Specialist and supply us with a clearance note from them.  If it’s ok with your Doctor/Specialist it is ok with us plus we can work around certain injuries/health conditions. Your safety is our priority!

Q – What do I do after I pass an 8 week course level?

A= After this course you can either move up into our higher course levels as your strength and skill builds or continue with our casual classes or do both!  Of course we have a lot of students who repeat course levels as there are a lot of moves to achieve in each level and repeating is quite normal and sometimes may be necessary to gain the strength needed to move up.  Some students choose to continue doing beginner courses or a level they are comfortable at as each term has a new pole dance routine + added moves and some students aren’t interested in performing harder strength tricks, they just want to learn new pole dance routines or just like performing the tricks in the level for fun and fitness!

Q  – How do the 8 wk course levels work?

A= Each level has 2 x Terms worth of content and we alternate each term with one 8 wk Term focussing on static pole moves and static routine and the next on spinning pole moves and spinning pole routine.  You spend as many 8 wk Terms that are necessary to pass all the moves before moving up a course level, but you don’t have to move up or be graded, it’s completely optional as some find a level they are comfortable at and stay there.
Generally it’s the focus of most students to pass a level and move up  and some will pass earlier than others depending on how well their individual bodies build the strength and co-ordination + technique and how much training they can put in necessary for the level.  Like anything, the more you do the quicker you gain the skills.   There are options to move through the levels/fast track – please see below. 

Q – What if I am already quite strong? – or – What if I am a dancer? – or – What if I am a gymnast? – Can I skip 1 or more levels?

A= It’s great that you are strong, that means you will find the ‘strength moves’ easier, it’s great if you are flexy as you will find the flexy moves easier and it’s great if you are a dancer as you will find the routines easier to pick up… but you do still need to learn all the basics no matter how strong/flexy/experienced in dance/gymnastics you are as these make the basis for every level above and there is a lot of technique/muscle progression to learn specific to pole dance.

FAST TRACKING – Here are the options for fast tracking though if you don’t want to do an entire 8 wk Beginner course level.

OPTION #1 – The fastest option.  Book a 1 hour or 1.5 hour private to be taught and marked off on the Beginner moves – you can do as many privates as you need and if you are strong, pick up the techniques and coordinated enough you may get all the Beginner moves marked off in 1 x private being given 1 on 1 attention.

1 hour private = $90

1.5 hour private = $120


OPTION #2 –  Appears to be the cheaper option but depends how many classes you need. Attend our Pole Tricks casual group classes where the instructor can teach you 1 or 2 moves each class that you can get marked off on.  Bare in mind there are approx 15 moves to be marked off on in the Beginner level so this will take multiple pole tutoring classes to achieve all moves.


OPTION #3 – The more popular option – Attend the 8 wk Beginner Level course and although you may get the strength moves quicker, you may still need the time to nail the technique of each pole move.  You also learn a Beginner routine to put all the moves together with combinations and if you feel like you have already nailed the moves being taught at the time,  you can focus more on nailing it on your non-preferred side also which is recommended to keep your body in balance anyhow.  You can attend casual ‘Pole Tricks’ classes within the same term and work on the moves that would be taught to you in the 2nd term so you can skip the second half of the level!

We are happy to help you with whichever or the three above options you choose 🙂

Q – What if I have been attending another pole studio? What level would I be at Diamond Class?

A= As all pole studios teach differently and have different moves in their levels it is impossible for us to be sure. For us to asses which level at Diamond Class you are, there are two options.

OPTION #1 – The fastest option.  Book a 1 hour or 1.5 hour private lesson to show the moves you have learnt and be assessed on which level is best suited + learn if you need to work on a few things before you enter a level you want to join. We will give you the training to work at building your strength and technique to progress to the level you want.

1 hour private = $90

1.5 hour private = $120


OPTION #2 –  Come to our  Pole Tricks group casual class where the instructor makes it around the room to have a look at a few of your moves and check a few to see if you can do them.  This will take multiple lessons to work out exactly which level you can confidently go into though.


OPTION #3 – You can start from scratch with us and start at our Beginner Level.  There may be a lot of things you can do but there may be a lot you haven’t seen and it’s also a chance to work on your non-preferred side and get used to how we teach at Diamond Class. Every level at Diamond Class has moves that directly progress your muscles/technique for the following level of moves.

Q – What if I want to progress faster?

A= We offer a fun range of group casual pole and fitness classes that will  help with speeding up your progression.

Our students who do the 8 wk pole courses as well as our casual classes progress a lot faster.   To progress faster with pole dance you need to do more pole dance classes.  Pole Dancing uses functional strength so lifting weights at the gym really doesn’t help all that much and your time is better spent doing more classes at Diamond Class.

You can see a list of all our classes/courses and timetable on our website www.dcpolefitness.com.au

Q – I would like to join your mail out list and receive news on upcoming classes/courses/workshops and other studio news monthly… how do I do this?

A= Please follow this link to our Facebook page and wait a few seconds and there will be a form to fill in your details.  www.facebook.com/dcpolefitness/app_100265896690345  OR shoot us an email to ask us to join you 🙂

OUR FACEBOOK PAGE – www.facebook.com/dcpolefitness

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries and/or to book and we hope to see you in the studio soon!  In the meantime please check out and give our facebook page a ‘like’ www.facebook.com/dcpolefitness

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