Casual Classes

Looking to develop specific skills with our diverse range of casual classes alone or by adding them on top of your Term Level Course. Want multiple classes per week… after all, the more you do the faster you progress and broaden your skills and reap the benefits… then our sparkly casuals are for you!

We have you covered with our wide range of Casual Classes!

Casual Memberships

Each membership pass membership is valid for use 2 months (excluding the introductory 2 wk pass) from the date of purchase and valid for use on any combination of casual classes (all beginner friendly with variations of moves for little to advanced abilities)

Casual Class Pass – Membership Pricing


Pricing varies depending on what type of membership you choose!  We have ‘Prepaid pack memberships’ with single or multi use casual classes and then we have our ‘Ongoing Diamond Memberships’ (our most popular type of membership which includes Level Course Classes and Casual classes on an ongoing, direct debit membership) 

Check out our super sparkly introductory offers first by clicki the ‘Sign up button’ 

Description of all current casual classes

– non instructed practice sessions – only $11 for course enrolled current members . Non enrolled students $22 per session Practice time! The more you practice the quicker and better your progress so practice practice practice 😉
Students are to use warm up and stretch down they have learnt from classes.
Non instructed practice session to practice what has been learnt in classes and can safely perform only – not to attempt moves not taught by your instructor/s yet (come to Pole Tricks casual to be taught moves 😉 )
All attending Practice Sesh are required to sign in on the special ‘practice sesh’ attendance record at reception and to sign off on practice sesh rules.

How to Book:

To book a class online, click here.

Call the studio on 0439481959 or pop in between reception hours Mon – thurs 5.30pm – 8.30pm or Sat 12- 2pm and you can purchase using credit over the phone or if visiting cash, Eft or Credit.

You can just turn up 5 – 10 min prior to class time and more often than not you will get a space, however we just have to warn you there is the possibility that you turn up and find the class already full, hence us recommending booking your classes in advance 🙂
Please note that we will guarantee your spot in the class if you pay/use your pass to book in advance. If you don’t turn up to the class however, your pass will still be marked (no refund/transfer) so please choose carefully.