Messages to our current students!

Messages to our current students!

Course fee rise for Term 3

It’s been 2 years since we have had to raise our fees and we keep them as low as possible while still being able to provide an awesome space with super qualified instructors and classes etc. Unfortunately our rent and outgoings rise each year and we have had to change our 8 wk course fees from $190 to $200 which is still well below the national standard for professional 8 wk pole courses. BUT the good news is, our Pole Packages are remaining the same price making them an even better deal! … AND… how you can get your course for FREE??

Refer A Friend!

We are introducing a Refer a Friend program this coming week!  For each friend that books into an 8 week beginner course using the referral card you give them with your name on it  – you get $40 off the next terms course!  Your friend also gets a discount of $20 for using your card so it’s a win win!  refer 2 friends $80 off – 3 friends = $120 and so on so if you refer 5 friends your basic course is FREE! Cards available from Wednesday at the studio!

Week #7 is grading week 

That’s right!  We will be marking you all off on your level pole moves in week #7 leaving week #8 to run through and perform your level routine and for last chance grading if you still have something to nail to move up.
NOTE:  Remember a lot of students repeat levels as there is a lot in them… if you want to move up we recommend doing pole tutoring or open trainings to practice.  You don’t have to go up through the levels either, as each term there are new routines, so you may just like to stay at your favourite level and repeat to learn new routines

Book your next course week #6 – #7  

Don’t miss out on the course you want to book into! Make sure you get in and book early and don’t forget the new Refer A Friend Program!  🙂