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Welcome to Diamond Class Pole & Fitness Studio

From the moment you walk through the doors into our friendly reception area, you will know you have just stepped into a super sparkly place. A place designed to ignite and inspire your passion for Pole Dance and fitness… your new happy place!

Get ready to reignite the FUN that your fitness should and could be! Remember the feeling of running out to the playground as a child and/or dancing around to your fave songs with friends?
Diamond class will have you looking at the clock excitedly counting down the minutes till your next class!

Join today and be part of an exceptional community of positive, supportive individuals from all lifestyles/backgrounds, all abilities, shapes/sizes, 12 – 60 + yr olds, a sparkly team of Diamonds where everybody is welcome, ‘Team Diamond Class’!

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Our Workshops & Classes

It doesn’t matter your exercise levels or if you want to try somthing new we have a class that suits everyone.

Term Level Courses

Absolute Beginner through to most Advanced levels, join your sparkly classmates learning together each week your levels content and a fun routine with a set course instructor who will guide you in reaching your sparkly pole goals!

Casual Classes

We have a great range of (all level friendly) casuals to have you develop more specific on and off the pole skills – strength, flexibility, dance, tricks, heels, acrobatics, you will find a casual class to suit your sparkly needs!


Keep an eye out for upcoming specialty workshops from Burlesque, tricks and combos, various style pole dance routines, Twerking, student photoshoots and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Great news! You can get started at any time at Diamond Class which means you can get sparkling as a ‘Diamond’ right away!  🙂


‘Level Course Classes’ or ‘Casual Classes’?  

You can do either or both!


Level Course Classes

These are the most popular way to get started and continue on your sparkly pole journey!  Suitable if you are looking for that exciting weekly workout/activity with the same sparkly team weekly motivating each other to  work toward the same goals together. A sparkly team that will hold you accountable to turn up and not miss out on the fun !  

Designed to attend weekly at the same time,  with the same class group of Diamond students, all learning the same unique Diamond Class curriculum of creative level moves and a super fun pole dance routine over a term to use them in.

Can’t attend the same class weekly?

Never fear we got you! Our memberships allow you to schedule one of the alternate ‘Level Course Class’ times if you miss your regular one.

Can I start anytime?

YES, you can start any time so don’t put you off any longer! 

The absolute ideal time to get started as a Diamond student is now! 

How do terms work? 

We have 6 x terms p/year which go for 8 – 9 wks each and  each level course learns a fun term themed pole dance routine during. If you come in half way through a term, you will learn the second half of a routine which is more than fine! 

Our ‘Level Courses’ have two terms worth of content each (1 x  with poles on spinning mode and the other with poles on static mode with moves specific to both styles taught) 

How do I move up levels and do I have to?

You can keep attending a level as many terms as you wish,  keep continuing your fave level continuously,  or until you become competent/confident with all moves and want to move up in levels .. it’s up to you! Your sparkly instructor’s job is to make sure you are competent in the moves in your current level before moving to the next, as levels are progressive in strength/coordination/confidence etc from the last 🙂 


‘Casual Classes’ 

Our sparkly ‘Casual Classes’  concentrate on specific styles/aspects within pole dance and fitness and are open to all levels of ability from brand newbies to advanced! 

Suitable for you if you are keen to develop certain skills within pole dance alone,  in addition to your ‘Level Course’, or if you are only able to pop in sporadically not being able to commit to regular  ‘Level Course classes’’. 

Our ‘Casual Classes’ are specific skill classes that focus on developing more directly skills such as flexibility, strength, handstands/acro, spinning pole, heels choreo, floor dance etc.  for example! 

What ‘Casual Class’ should I start with? 

We recommend if starting with ‘Casual Classes’ you start with ‘Pole Tricks’ where we can teach you a few basic moves to get you started that you would learn if in the ‘Beginner Level Course’, however all our ‘Casual Classes’ are newbie/beginner and everybody friendly 😉

Which ‘Casual Class’ is the most challenging?

We like to give you the heads up that the most challenging ‘Casual Class’ is reported by our sparkly Diamond students to be ‘Hottie HIps & Heels’ only due to the fast choreography and taking a few classes to get used to the moves. Still, you can most certainly attend as a new Diamond! 


I’m nervous.. will I look silly?

We all look silly when learning new things until we don’t 😉 All Diamond students have learnt this and it’s a super non-judgemental environment where we all learn to laugh at ourselves as we go through the process and cheer for each other when we reach those sparkly goals!  Being able and making anything look good comes with practice and repeating over and over.. Even those who have been doing pole for years look silly learning new moves, but you will be surprised after a few classes what you can achieve that there’s no way you could do before classes  😉 


Can I join without any strength/dance experience at all?

100% YES YOU CAN! The majority of our students start without any prior skills that relate to pole and most can’t hold themselves off the ground! We will teach you how to walk around the pole first.. If you can walk in a circle you can learn to pole at Diamond Class!


What membership should I start with?

We have two types of memberships 

  • Prepaid pack memberships – suitable if you can’t commit to weekly classes, going on holiday/s, or have uncertain ongoing availability. Pay up front – 4 months expiry from day of sign up.

  • Ongoing Diamond Memberships – suitable for you if you want one or more weekly classes + this type of membership is fortnightly auto direct debit with self managed hold options for up to 6 wks p/calendar year + upgrades and downgrades – only an initial 8 wk lock in and then can downgrade/cancel anytime with 2 wks notice  + these come with FREE bonuses! Classes renew every 8 wks of your membership –  These are our BEST DEAL MEMBERSHIPS. 


BUT WAIT… WE HAVE SUPER SPARKLY INTRODUCTORY SIGN UP OFFERS FOR YOU RIGHT NOW !! You can take advantage of each of the below just once at any time, do one now or both now.

  • $50 off our Pre-Paid Pack 8 x Beginner ‘Level Course Classes’

  • $59 2 wk UNLIMITED ‘Casual Classes’ Pre-paid pack (2wks starts from sign up)

Sign up today for a Pole new Sparkly YOU at Diamond Class! We can’t wait to get you started on your sparkly pole journey with us 🙂 

Memberships and Pricing – VIEW AND SIGN UP HERE

Definitely not!!

Most our students can’t hold their own body weight when they start with us – we teach you how to gain more strength gradually and safely and we start from scratch with just walking around the pole, so if you can walk… you can start 😉

Not at all!! Pole Dance attracts every shape and size!

Are you over 100Kg?  If so you will be over the weight limit for very few of our poles due to recommended limit by the manufacturer, BUT  the majority of our poles are competition grade and will support any weight!  We can get you started with our non-pole classes also. We have students that have lost half their body weight or more doing regular classes with us, but you are not too big to start and we have students of all shapes and sizes!

We teach from 12 yrs and up! 

We have students up to in their 70’s.  You are never too old to start and pole dance keeps your body and mind healthy and happy so most pole dancers do not look or act their age  UNDER 12 YRS – We can do private sessions for children currently,  but are looking at doing regular child classes in future.

Absolutely not!

We teach you everything from scratch even if you are super uncoordinated and super unfit 🙂 Absolutely no experience necessary, plus the majority of new students are in this boat.

Quite possibly!

If you have an injury/health condition that may affect your ability and safety you will just need to check with your Doctor/Specialist and supply us with a clearance note from them.  If it’s ok with your Doctor/Specialist it is ok with us 🙂 plus we can work around certain injuries/health conditions. Your safety is our priority!

Unlimited 2 Week Classes only $59
A Super special INTRODUCTORY 2 week UNLIMITED Casual class pass to use on any of our large range of casual classes! Try out all the different styles of pole and non pole classes all beginner friendly :)