Welcome to Diamond Class, Hobart’s Professional Pole Dance and Fitness Studio since 2007…

From the moment you walk through the doors into our friendly reception area, we want you to know you have just stepped into a super sparkly place. A place designed to ignite and inspire your passion for Pole Dance and fitness… your new happy place!

Diamond Class is not just a space to come to and learn pole dance and fitness, but it is also an exceptional community of inspiring, friendly and like minded individuals and when you sign up for a class you are signing up to join and be apart of our amazing community and part of our sparkly team…TEAM DIAMOND CLASS’

Are you ready for a ‘Pole new Sparkly YOU?

Here’s how to start…

No need to get strong, fit, flexible, coordinated, loose weight or to find a friend to come with you to start at all! We teach you from absolute scratch and start with how to walk around the pole, so don’t put YOU off any longer… SIGN UP TODAY!

You don’t even have to wait for the new Term to start, get started right now with one of our casual class pass options and take advantage of our steal of a deal, our Introductory $59 2 wk Unlimited Casual Class Pass!


Head over to our 8 wk Level Courses and course special add on Casual Class Bundles and lets get you booked in with the most popular and speediest progression options to becoming the best poler you can possibly be!

Classes, Optional Performance Opportunities, Competitions and more…

Whether its Pole Dancing, Fitness, Dance, Flexibility or performance and comp coaching! Diamond Class Pole & Fitness Studio has classes for you!

To check out the full range of casual classes and pricing head over to our Casual Classes Page or for a full up-to-date schedule head to our Interactive Timetable.

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See you in the studio!

Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio is the only place in Tasmania you can learn from accredited pole instructors with IPDFA PolePro qualifications – the only officially Accredited Courses in Australia.
IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are Internationally Recognised, Endorsed in USA and UK and Accredited through Fitness Australia with 15 CEC points.


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What's the Latest News at Diamond Class?

1 day ago

Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio -  Hobart


We celebrate our differences and what we individually achieve on the pole😁

All those voices contantly telling us what we should be melt away as we become confident bad ass polers no matter our ability, size or shape, how we dress or what we are of into!

We are all awesome pole dancers at Diamond Class 💜💎

Cynthia Nixon praised for powerful 'Be a Lady' video about impossible standards for women
‘All women need to hear this,’ writes Twitter user
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Diamond Class is the only place in Tas currently where you can learn from qualified and accredited with Fitness Aus instructors. 💎

So you know you are in the most professional hands to have you reaching your pole dance and fitness goals! 😊

We live and breathe Pole Dance and Fitness at Diamond Class!

For a Pole New Sparkly YOU with Hobart's Pole Dance and Fitness Experts since 2007 💎


#hobartfitness #hobartdance #diamondclass
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Term #2 has been released!
TERM #2 STARTS MON 9th Mach through to SUN 3rd May

- MON 6.30pm with Claire - TUES 7.30pm with Sarah
- THURS 5.30pm with Emily

Casual class - SATURDAYS 1pm - 4 - 11yrs (12 + can join our regular classes)

ANDDD... POLE PT SESSIONS- NEW!!! $60 p/session

Beginners Level w/Claire - Mon 6.30pm (Rm #1)
Beginner Level w/Sarah - Tues 7.30pm (Rm #1)
Beginner Level w/Emily - Thurs 5.30pm (Rm #2)
Intermediate Prep Level w/Claire - Mon 7.30pm (Rm #1)
Int 1 Level w/Mary - Tues 8.30pm (Rm #1)
Int 2 Level w/Mary - Tues 6.30pm (Rm #1)
Int 3 + Adv Prep Levels w/Jess- Mon 5.30pm (Rm #1)
Adv 1 + 2 Level w/Jess - Wed 5.30pm (Rm #1)
Adv Max Level w/Bec or Jess - Thurs 5.30pm (Rm #1)
Diamonds of Polesque (studio performance troop) Wed 7.30pm (Rm #1 & #2)
Sat Spin Course w/Jess - Sat 12pm (Rm #1)
TERM #2 CASUAL CLASS TIMES (all beginner friendly!) MONDAYS
- 5.30pm - 6.30 - Open Training (Rm #2)
- 6.45pm - 7.30pm - Functional Fierceness w/Shane (Rm #2) - 7.45pm - 8.30pm - Hottie Hips and Heels w/Jess (Rm #2)
1pm - 3pm - Open Training -1.15pm - 2.15pm - Pole Tricks w/Bec or Jess (Rm #1) -5.30pm - 6.30pm - Floor and Basework w/Haidee (Rm #1) - 6:30pm - 7.30pm - Advanced Pole Jam w/Bec or Haidee (Rm #2) - 7.45pm - 8.30pm - Flex and Stretch w/Bec or Mary (Rm #2)

WEDNESDAYS - 5.30pm - 7.30pm - Open Training (Rm #2)
- 6.30pm - 7.30pm - Pole Tricks w/Bec or Jess (Rm #1)

- 6.30pm - 8.30pm Open Training (Rm #2)
-6.30pm -730pm Polesque w/Lil Em(Rm #1) - 7.30pm - 8.30pm Hottie Hips and Heels w/Jess (Rm #1)
12pm - 1pm Open Training (Rm #2)
1pm -2pm Pole Tricks w/Jess ( Rm #1)
1pm - 2pm Juniours Pole Fit (Rm #2)
2pm - 3pm Open Training (Rm #1)
#hobartfitness #diamondclass #hobartdance
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4 days ago

Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio -  Hobart

Hobart! Here is your chance to join a sparkly community of super positive peops choosing to make their fitness fun! To learn how to dance in a non competitive and a super supportive environment where YOU choose how you pole 😉
💎- pole just for fun
💎- pole for fitness, to gain strength and flexibility
💎- pole where everyone is welcome whatever age/level of ability/shape or size
💎- pole to learn a dance form without pressure to perform
💎- pole to perform and/or compete if you want
💎- pole to feel sexy
💎- pole to learn a skill
💎- pole because you want to learn tricks
💎- pole because you want to make awesome friends
💎- pole to get toned and in shape
💎- pole to gain confidence and build self esteem out of sight
💎- pole to show off your achieved goals and make your 💎social media really exciting :p

Whatever reason you choose to pole , we have you covered at Diamond Class Pole and Fitness Studio - Hobart for a Pole new sparkly YOU with Hobart's Pole Dance and Fitness experts since 2007💎
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