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Welcome to Diamond Class Pole & Fitness Studio

From the moment you walk through the doors into our friendly reception area, you will know you have just stepped into a super sparkly place. A place designed to ignite and inspire your passion for Pole Dance and fitness… your new happy place!

Get ready to reignite the FUN that your fitness should and could be! Remember the feeling of running out to the playground as a child and/or dancing around to your fave songs with friends?
Diamond class will have you looking at the clock excitedly counting down the minutes till your next class!

Join today and be part of an exceptional community of positive, supportive individuals from all lifestyles/backgrounds, all abilities, shapes/sizes, 12 – 60 + yr olds, a sparkly team of Diamonds where everybody is welcome, ‘Team Diamond Class’!

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Our Workshops & Classes

It doesn’t matter your exercise levels or if you want to try somthing new we have a class that suits everyone.

Term Level Courses

Absolute Beginner through to most Advanced levels, join your sparkly classmates learning together each week your levels content and a fun routine with a set course instructor who will guide you in reaching your sparkly pole goals!

Casual Classes

We have a great range of (all level friendly) casuals to have you develop more specific on and off the pole skills – strength, flexibility, dance, tricks, heels, acrobatics, you will find a casual class to suit your sparkly needs!


Keep an eye out for upcoming specialty workshops from Burlesque, tricks and combos, various style pole dance routines, Twerking, student photoshoots and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Great news! You can get started at any time 🙂

Term Level Courses or Casual Classes??? You can do either or both!
Term Level Courses are the most popular way to get started and to progress with pole and most sign up to a term level course and add casuals of choice on top, although it is more than possible to start with casual classes!
Some start with casuals, especially those that find they are a little hesitant to start with and want to trial classes first but most end up signing up to a Beginner Term level course after 🙂

Choose our Bundle memberships to do both a Term level course and casuals at a bundle reduced rate!

Our casuals concentrate on specific areas of pole, dance and fitness and open to all levels of ability from brand newbies to advanced, whereas our Term level courses incorporate a little of everything together in a progressive fashion with the same group of fellow students learning together starting at absolute new beginner level.

Term Level Courses
There are 8 weeks to each of our terms and you can join an 8 wk Term Level course up till as late as the 4th wk of term – If joining late, choose your Beginner Term Level Course time and use your left over term level course passes on your membership to attend an alternate Beginner Course time ( You get 8 x total to use so if you start late, use your left over ones for an alternate course time OR if they are full/you can’t make those times then just contact us to add some ‘practice session’ membership passes in place)

Casual Classes
If wanting to get started with casuals, you just need to choose which one to get started with and we recommend as your first one ‘pole tricks’ to get an intro.
We have a once off 2 week unlimited casual pass membership which is a great way to try out our sparkly range at a once off special membership rate!
We also have 1 x pass and multi pass memberships for casuals and you can start any time you like.

Sign up today for a Pole new Sparkly YOU!

Memberships and Pricing – VIEW AND SIGN UP HERE

Definitely not!!

Most our students can’t hold their own body weight when they start with us – we teach you how to gain more strength gradually and safely and we start from scratch with just walking around the pole, so if you can walk… you can start 😉

Not at all!! Pole Dance attracts every shape and size!

Are you over 100Kg?  If so you will be over the weight limit for very few of our poles due to recommended limit by the manufacturer, BUT  the majority of our poles are competition grade and will support any weight!  We can get you started with our non-pole classes also. We have students that have lost half their body weight or more doing regular classes with us, but you are not too big to start and we have students of all shapes and sizes!

We teach from 12 yrs and up! 

We have students up to in their 70’s.  You are never too old to start and pole dance keeps your body and mind healthy and happy so most pole dancers do not look or act their age  UNDER 12 YRS – We can do private sessions for children currently,  but are looking at doing regular child classes in future.

Absolutely not!

We teach you everything from scratch even if you are super uncoordinated and super unfit 🙂 Absolutely no experience necessary, plus the majority of new students are in this boat.

Quite possibly!

If you have an injury/health condition that may affect your ability and safety you will just need to check with your Doctor/Specialist and supply us with a clearance note from them.  If it’s ok with your Doctor/Specialist it is ok with us 🙂 plus we can work around certain injuries/health conditions. Your safety is our priority!

Unlimited 2 Week Classes only $59
A Super special INTRODUCTORY 2 week UNLIMITED Casual class pass to use on any of our large range of casual classes! Try out all the different styles of pole and non pole classes all beginner friendly :)